Get ready to take control of your company's wellness.


We are Corporate Maternity and Workplace Lactation Wellness Consultants.  Our Passion is Public Health Education. Our Focus is to create health compliant solutions to support healthy lifestyles. Our Intentions are to help you offer  your employees and clients access to healthy safe wellness environments. Our Success is in creating health solution systems that will reduce employee health related absences and improve customer loyalty thereby increasing revenue. 


Our Services

Creative Health & Wellness Studios

  • Lactation Wellness Studios
  • Combined Health  Wellness Studios
  • Family Safe Wellness Studios 

Health Workplace Compliance 

  • Create, Implement, and Support Workplace Health Service
  • Corporate Health Awareness Instruction
  • Maternity and Paternity Family Leave Policy Specialist

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Why Combine Corporate Wellness and Lactation Health? 

  •  Increase employee and customer relations
  • Increase the likely hood that new parents will return to work after maternity or paternity leave.
  • Decrease family and personal  sick leave time
  • Increasve overall productivity 
  • Increased health  + Increased produtivity = INCREASE IN REVENUE

Our Purpose Statement

Workplace Lactation and Wellness Compliance News

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We take the stress out of Corporate Healthcare and Maternity Compliance  so you can work on the health of  your bottom line!


Bring Balance back to Work

Your employees spend at least 60% of their day away from their families leaving little time to pay attention to their health or the health of their little ones. Contact us today and let us help you access how to create a beautiful balanced workspace that incorporates your company's mission  and health initiatives.